Zines on Kindle

I finally joined this decade, four years in, and made my two long-form zines available for Kindle. The formatting’s possibly a little weird, but let’s just say that adds to their zinely charm. Plus they’re $2.99 each so it’s not like you’re shelling out a fortune for ‘em. Click on the images to go through to their respective pages

I also did up a formatting job of the 1902 stage version of A Little Princess, because it’s close to impossible to find and one of the three versions available of my favourite story. The other two versions are included as appendices as well. You can click through on the image and pay .99 for a Kindle version, or there’s a slightly different pdf version available on my tumblr, here, for free, since it’s a public domain work and I’d feel skeevy otherwise.

Followers of my tumblr may also know that I’ve been publishing some erotica for Kindle under a pseudonym. I may wind up linking to it from this site in the future, but if you’re desperate to know in the meantime just drop me an email.

New Edition of The Devil’s Mixtape

I had an excellent time at the Continuum X convention, meeting a lot of lovely people and chatting about writing and storytelling and all kinds of other rad things.

The Devil's Mixtape
The Devil’s Mixtape

In other news, this new edition of the Devil’s Mixtape is now available. It includes fanart and the short story “Shots and Cuts”, originally found in the Detritus anthology.


Continuum X schedule

Your intrepid heroine again.
Your intrepid heroine again.

Clan Destine Press, the publisher of my upcoming novel Thrive, wanted a new headshot of me. I will never actually be as cute as this selfie somehow magically suggest that I am.

The timetable of my panel appearances at the Continuum X convention can now be found on the Appearances page.