Games and Qualifications updated

I can now check “study Italian Renaissance Art at Oxford” off the bucket list! As a result, the Qualifications page is updated. The Games page also has new additions, because I’m involved in approximately nine hundred million in-development titles.

Fashion Manga Coloring Book

Fashion Manga Coloring Book

Full of twin tails, sports stars, fashion plates, and all the charm that manga and anime can embody, this coloring book contains 24 stylish illustrations ready for decoration. Find out more on the Comics & Manga page.

Australian Gothic

The Short Fiction page now includes the anthology Australian Gothic, which contains ‘Williamstown Gothic’ by me and collects heaps of stellar work by lots of other local writers.

XSeries Certificate of Achievement

New qualification

I’ve updated my qualifications page to include that I’ve earned a Certificate of Achievement in the History and Cultural Studies course Visualising Japan, a joint offering from Harvard, MIT, and the University of Tokyo in collaboration with edX.

New etsy listing

New Etsy listings

There are new charms up in the Etsy store — two sizes of delicately lovely bird skull cameos made of resin and set in antiqued brass oval pendants.

The Lost Prince Pirates

New Video Game: the Lost Prince Pirates

The video games page has been updated with the swashbucking romance app The Lost Prince Pirates. It’s about a gutsy heroine and a bunch of roguish pirates desperately trying to save the world from corrupting magic. Swordfights! Risky escapes! Dark secrets! Romance! It’s free to play, full-length, and has eight different endings. Eight! That’s a lot of places…

Year In Review 2016

Creative year in review

2016 was a pretty productive year for me creatively. Some of the largest projects I did are either still in-progress or forthcoming, so I can’t talk about them here yet unfortunately. On the other hand, lots of my older work was translated or anthologised this year, so in the end things just about break even.…

Brave Chronicle

Video Games and Comics pages updated

The Video Games page has a bunch of new upcoming projects listed, all of which I’m excited about. The Comics page is now the Comics and Manga page, and includes a listing for a licensed light novel translation I worked on as a proofreader.