New Edition of The Devil’s Mixtape

I had an excellent time at the Continuum X convention, meeting a lot of lovely people and chatting about writing and storytelling and all kinds of other rad things.

The Devil's Mixtape
The Devil’s Mixtape

In other news, this new edition of the Devil’s Mixtape is now available. It includes fanart and the short story “Shots and Cuts”, originally found in the Detritus anthology.


Continuum X schedule

Your intrepid heroine again.
Your intrepid heroine again.

Clan Destine Press, the publisher of my upcoming novel Thrive, wanted a new headshot of me. I will never actually be as cute as this selfie somehow magically suggest that I am.

The timetable of my panel appearances at the Continuum X convention can now be found on the Appearances page.

New website!

Your intrepid heroine.
Your intrepid heroine.

Hullo! If you are reading this (which you are) then this new version of is now live. So far the content is much the same as the old site, just (hopefully) an easier browsing experience. The content had expanded beyond the capabilities of the old layout, so now we’ll give this one a shot instead.

So, welcome! If you need to contact me about anything, my email address is