I’ve set up a Patreon account for those who want to have access to my writing while it’s in the work-in-progress stages.

As I say on the account page,

One of the truest young voices I’ve ever heard… This is a writer who will go farther than perhaps even she imagines.
– L.J. Smith, author of the Vampire Diaries series

Words are great! I write them in all sorts of different contexts. As you can see if you have a look at my website, I’ve tried my hand at everything from romance novels to punk zines to video games to comics.

To tell the truth, when I was a kid and I’d say that I wanted to be a hairdresser or a doctor, I assumed that everyone else always had an unspoken “as well as being a writer” along with their own stated ambitions. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a writer. Ever since I first understood that books were created by people, I wanted to be one of those people.

I love my work. I find it personally and creatively fulfilling. Freelance writing can be an unpredictable income source, however, even when I’m in a position to take on multiple projects at once — which is not always the case. I have bipolar disorder, which often leaves me unable to work for weeks at a time. And just to make things even more exciting, in early 2016 I had to undergo neurosurgery to remove a brain tumour, which has left me with very little stamina and further reduced my ability to work at the kind pace I’d prefer to work at.

At the urging of friends and readers I’ve set up this page in the hope of generating a small regular cash flow to help me make ends meet as I continue to create new works. I’ll be sharing these creations, both in-progress and in their finished form, with those who become my patrons. That is such a great pair of words to type, I gotta say. “My patrons”. I feel like I should be painting cherubs for rich Italian families or something. Rad.

Patrons who contribute a dollar or more per month will be invited to follow along with each piece of writing while it’s still in the work in progress stage. These invitations will always be opt-in; you’ll never wind up with your inbox bombarded with a genre you aren’t interested in or a type of writing you’d prefer not to read.

(previews are subject to NDAs which may have been signed with contracting bodies and also subject to whether I have anything ready for anyone to look at that month.)

So please, if you’re interested, check it out and consider supporting me!

New zine: The Pale Girl

The Pale Girl

The Pale Girl
The Pale Girl

My tumor’s heart is dead fluid, making it a different shape to most. This means it can only be treated with surgery, not radiation.

A part of me almost likes this horrible fact, that it’s liquid not solid, dead not living. Aggressively expanding in a way the living, circular little ones don’t.

I am the rarest of a rare kind. It is a horrible horrible miracle that this pale girl in me lives at all.

I am Schroedinger’s writer. Whether I live or die, this story exists on the razor-thin line between the possibilities. Whichever happens will cast its shadow backwards, of course. Such is the nature of the past as seen from the present.

When Mary Borsellino discovered she had a brain tumor, she coped with it the only way she knew how: by writing about it. And New Zealand. And the Antichrist. And dating sim video games. As one does.

I left a piece of my heart behind in that day. I wish I could go back to it now, and live in it, static, forever and ever.

But time and life don’t work like that. We leave pieces of our hearts behind in the memories of the good days, but we can’t go back. Only forward, into the dark.

You can download the .pdf for free here, or get it for free/.99c (depending on if you have kindle unlimited or not) from Amazon here.

(This is probably the closest thing to a ‘sequel’ to Sharpest that I’ll ever write. It’s also kind of sketchy and disjointed and weird.

I hope some of you like it.)

Medical news and 2015 roundup

The horrid news first: I have a brain tumor, which is a lousy capstone to a grueling and difficult year.

But! Good things have happened this year, and I want to accentuate those positives, especially if the end of this year winds up being the end of my life, as well.

Here’s what the positive aspects of my year looked like (click through to go to a larger version that you might actually be able to read) :

Mary's weird 2015 collage thingy
Mary’s weird 2015 collage thingy


On a more professional note, I’ve updated various pages around the site to include media and content from the past year. Here’s a link to all the Julia Leijon titles, which will include a German translation of Burning Bright in a couple of weeks, under the title Lichterloh.

Click on the covers image to see titles put out using the pen name Julia Leijon
Click on the covers image to see titles put out using the pen name Julia Leijon


New English-language paranormal romance novella and a German translation of The Viscount’s Prey

German speakers can now enjoy my dark vampire romance, The Viscount’s Prey, in their own language. Here you go! I love how it reads in German, but as the author I’m possibly slightly biased.

For English speakers, here’s my latest Julia Leijon release:

Sometimes it takes an animal to show a man what really matters.

Lucas and Ryan are partners in crime: an ex-Marine who can hack any system and a seductive, amoral con man who can talk his way through any door. Together, they relieve underworld moguls and other shady operators of their ill-gotten gains.

Their teamwork cemented through years of friendship, they can handle anything … until the night Ryan is bitten by a tiger while out on a job.

Now he’s changing, growing even more predatory and fearless. Pieces of his old identity fall away, one by one, until his nature has been honed to a fine edge. And this new, sharper Ryan wants one thing above all others: Lucas.

This 20,000 word novella features a fast-paced plot, long-kept secrets, and spicy sex scenes, and makes for a perfect weekend read.

Read for free with Kindle Unlimited, or buy now for $0.99

The Viscount’s Prey

Here’s another title from my Julia Leijon pen name! Will I ever stop finding excuses to write vampire stories? Signs point to no!

Delivered by fate into a dark destiny …

Benjamin, a new lawyer in Victorian London, aspires to nothing more than a quiet, unremarkable  life. When he is sent to Transylvania on business, he looks forward to demonstrating his steadfast and reliable nature.

Nothing prepares him for Vlad. The handsome, forceful viscount seems to cast a dark spell over his young guest. And then the dreams begin. Vivid, frightening, but strangely alluring, they are full of forbidden desires … and sharp white teeth at his neck.

Slowly seduced by the castle and its master, Ben must decide if escape is what he really wants. But if he stays, can he ever be more to Vlad than prey?

This 12,500 dark erotic romance features features submission, captivity, and scorching sex scenes, and is a perfectly wicked treat for a night’s reading.

Buy now for $0.99 or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Viscount's Prey
The Viscount’s Prey

Grizzly Guardian: a bear shifter romance

My first book under the Julia ‘make writing fun again’ Leijon pen name, Her Silent Oath, reached the #1 spot in Amazon’s Folklore category last weekend, and a top-ten spot (#8) in the Fairy Tales category at the same time. Not a bad start! So here’s another piece of fluff to enjoy:

Still reeling from her sister’s murder, Merryl retreats to Oregon with her nephew Sam. Building a new life for the pair of them is almost enough to distract her from her grief, especially when she faces the problem of how to help Sam learn what it is to be a bear shifter. With nowhere else to turn and no idea what to do, Merryl turns to her impossibly sexy and unattainable crush, Daniel.

Daniel just wants to enjoy small town life after a violent past, but if anyone can see through his gruff facade and battle scars, it’s Merryl. Helping Sam discover the cub side of his nature helps Daniel rediscover what it means to connect with those around him. For the sake of Merryl and Sam, Daniel will even return to his harrowing FBI work to help solve the murder and find them some peace.

Despite a strong mutual attraction between them, a major obstacle blocks their way, and it’s one that Daniel can never let Merryl know about: while his human side wants to support her as a friend while she puts her life back together, the bear in him knows with absolute certainty that he has found his fated mate. 

Knowing how many emotional burdens Merryl is already coping with, Daniel carries this heavy secret alone. But can Merryl convince him that she’s tougher than he thinks, and can make her own choices? After each enduring so much cruelty and hardship at the hands of an unkind world, are the two of them still capable of love and trust?

Get Grizzly Guardian here for $0.99!

Grizzly Guardian
Grizzly Guardian

Her Silent Oath: A Young Adult Fantasy Romance

Her Silent Oath
Her Silent Oath

I’ve decided to make a new pen name, for when I want to write things that are, to quote Jane Austen, “light, and bright, and sparkling”. A chance to go back to writing without any lofty goals or ambitions for myself or the work, just a lot of fun.

So here’s the first title: Her Silent Oath,  a novella that starts off with a premise pretty close to a video game I wrote this one time and then veers off into completely its own story, with blood and guts and tea and flowers in it. It’s 99 cents! Woo!

Homegrown Hobsons Bay

I’m delighted to be included as a local author on the Hobsons Bay Libraries website.

The intensity and loneliness that growing up brings with it has always seemed to Mary Borsellino to be a perfect basis for stories, ever since she was a teenager herself. That age group knows better than anybody the hopes and horrors of society’s potential futures, the flash and glamour of rock stars, the dangerous hunger of the vampire, and the quest to find out who you are.

Mary’s writing career began in her own teen years, when her Lord of the Rings fanfiction Pretty Good Year attracted the attention of academics worldwide. Her next breakout success was the Wolf House series of punk vampire novels, which Vampire Diaries author LJ Smith described as “Electrifying. Chilling. Enthralling. Amazing. One of the truest young voices I’ve ever heard, with a plot that keeps you stuck to the pages and stops the breath in your throat.”

Her first novel to be set in Australia was 2012’s The Devil’s Mixtape, and Mary’s most recent novel, Thrive, sees Hobsons Bay and Victoria play pivotal roles.

My family has lived in Hobsons Bay for generations: my great-grandfather made a lot of the old iron lacework you can still find on houses around Williamstown.

I was born and raised in Queensland, and yet when I wound up in Hobsons Bay at age 22 I knew I wanted to stay there, even before I knew the longstanding family connection to the area.

I’ve been here more than eleven years now, and hope that I don’t leave any time soon.