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Rubin Koralle Karneol
Rubin Koralle Karneol

First of all, I’m currently working as the translation editor on the localisation of the otome title Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome. More information on the video games page.

The romance & erotica page is updated with a link to, the website for my genre pen name, which looks very pretty now. There are a few new titles out under the name, too, which can be found via that website.

The novels page includes a link to the German translation of Ruby Coral Carnelian, which is a pretty neat thing.

Ice in Sunlight now available for sale, knocks Naked Lunch out of the top 50

Ice in Sunlight displaces William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch in the gay fiction top 50
Ice in Sunlight displaces William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch in the gay fiction top 50

Ice in Sunlight, the new full-length novel from my Julia Leijon pen name, is now available to buy as an ebook and paperback, to positive reader response and sales strong enough to nudge William S. Burroughs’ infamous Naked Lunch out of the top 50 bestseller list for gay fiction on Amazon.

Ice in Sunlight
Ice in Sunlight

The Wolf House Omnibus Edition now available for pre-order (released June 11th)

The Wolf House
The Wolf House

“Electrifying. Chilling. Enthralling. Amazing.” — L.J. Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries

In this new edition of the acclaimed series, Goth teens and rock musicians battle ruthless vampires — and the perils of the heart.

The mean streets of Chicago belong to The Wolf House — a pack of vampires like

Blake, who loves toying with hunters;
Tim, who’s lost several centuries of his memory;
Cora, who has an unquenchable thirst for cruelty.

Facing off against them are a collection of artists, punk rockers, and misfit high schoolers — smart, talented, angry … and doomed:

Bette and Rose, best friends lured into the vampires’ world;
Lily and Will, vampire hunters, musicians, and all-around human disasters;
Sofie and Jay, who barely survived Cora’s brutality and are now Blake’s pawns.

In the world of the undead, love is a curse and friendship a weapon. When the sun goes down, the games begin … and innocence dies.

1. Origins and Overtures: At first, Bette and Jay are more fascinated than frightened by the secret underworld of vampires … but they’re about to find out just how wrong they are.

2. Roads and Crosses: When death creeps in closer than ever, it destroys the equilibrium Lily and Will shared. Can the new people they’re becoming hope to regain what’s been lost?

3. Fair Game: Vampires obsessively stalk those they love and gleefully manipulate those they oppose. As tensions between humans and vampires begin to boil over, Bette and Tim wonder how much of a person’s identity can survive those new instincts.

4. Fire Proof Heart: Having an eating disorder was miserable enough as a human. Now that Ash is a vampire, it’s a living hell. She’s the latest victim of Cora’s evil games against Blake, but now Blake — capricious, charming, endlessly bloodthirsty — is the only one who can save her. 

5. Last Girl: In the horror movies Michelle watches with her friends, the last girl is the one who kills the monster and gets to live, even when everyone else is dead. It’s not a role Michelle wants, but that’s not her choice to make. And it seems as if Alexander’s only reward for tenaciously surviving all this time is to lose everything over and over again. When all’s said and done, is being the last one standing a blessing or a curse?

“Rock’n’roll, sex, tattoos, feminism, bisexuality, and a sense of what teens really are about.” –The Age

Pre-order now for $1.99, or free with Kindle Unlimited.

Yet more Etsy items!

Etsy items
Etsy items

I apologise that so many recent posts have been Etsy updates! A lot of exciting stuff has been happening, and I have some great new book and game projects to talk about in the near future, but for now — the shop has a new selection of cameos available!

As you can see from the photos, one of the cameo designs is of La Catrina, a figure strongly associated with Día de Muertos. I’ve had these cameos in my supplies for several years and, if I was purchasing stock now, I would hold off from buying them in order to avoid being a gross white person exoticising the traditions of another culture.

As I already have the cameos, however, I’m stuck in a bit of a bind: when I’m working so hard to generate income by whatever means I can, I find it quite difficult to think about tossing out genuinely lovely pieces of jewellery, but I’m also quite uncomfortable leaving them up. If anyone feels strongly that I should remove the necklaces from sale, I will.