Creative output for 2016
Creative output for 2016

2016 was a pretty productive year for me creatively. Some of the largest projects I did are either still in-progress or forthcoming, so I can’t talk about them here yet unfortunately. On the other hand, lots of my older work was translated or anthologised this year, so in the end things just about break even.

My fiction wordcount was just over 260,000 words, which is about half of what I wanted to achieve. I guess there’s always next year to try again!

Anyway, here’s what I did in 2016.

Books, starting from back row left corner:

Paradox Space vol.2: Contains several of my comics, including the print-exclusive ‘Fiduspawn’.

Moonlight’s Kiss: A reissue of an older novella, now under my Julia Leijon pen name.

And Then…: A collection of adventure-themed short stories. Mine appears in vol.2, coming in January.

Die Spielerin und der Drache: A German translation of my dragon-shifter heist romance novella ‘A Hustle of Wings’.

Rubin Koralle Karneol: A German translation of my YA fantasy novella ‘Ruby Coral Carnelian’.

Brave Chronicle: The Ruinmaker: An English translation of a Japanese light novel. I was a proofreader.

Bärenwächter: A German translation of my bear-shifter/BBW romance novella ‘Grizzly Guardian’.

Ihr stiller Schwur: A German translation of my YA fantasy romance novella ‘Her Silent Oath’.

Famous Last Words: A Tribute to the Black Parade: A zine commemorating the tenth anniversary of My Chemical Romance’s third album.

Eis im Sonnenlicht: A German translation of my fantasy romance novel ‘Ice in Sunlight’.

Wolves, Cats & Bears, Oh My!: A Ten Book Shifter And Paranormal Romance Collection: Contains my weretiger heist romance novella ‘Burning Bright’.

A Hustle of Wings: A dragon-shifter heist romance novella.

Paranormal Protectors: Three Shifter Novellas: Includes ‘Moonlight’s Kiss’, ‘Grizzly Guardian’, and ‘A Hustle of Wings’.

Ein Tisch für Drei: A German translation of my co-authored ménage à trois comedy romance novella ‘Table for Three’.

The Warm Taste: A vampire coffee shop romance novel.

The Wolf House: The Complete Series: A 5-novel YA punk vampire story, reissued as a single e-book edition with all the bonus material that’s been done over the years (art, short stories, etc).

Computer row:

Hiveswap: An adventure game. I was one of the writers. (Technically this doesn’t come out until January 2017 but that’s close enough, right?)

Please Bang My Wife: An English translation of a Japanese nukige visual novel. I was the translation editor.

Chequerboard Blues: A DRAMAtical Murder fangame demo. I was responsible for scripting and dialog on the project.

Front books:

The Warrior’s Boy: A romance novella about historical figures Oda Nobunaga and Mori Ranmaru.

Warm und Köstlich: A German translation of my vampire coffee shop romance novel ‘The Warm Taste’.

Ice in Sunlight: A fantasy romance novel.