Comics activism

I founded the feminist site in 2006.

An essay by me about some of the gender tensions present in the character of Robin is archived at You can read it here, or in my longer work about Robin Boy and Girl Wonders.

Comics journalism

Some of my articles have included:

The Umbrella Academy: Dark Horse’s new superhero team

The Deaths and Lives of Sidekicks: an interview with Judd Winick

Gotham’s Bright New Hope: an interview with Bryan Q. Miller

The changing face of Supergirl

A second Umbrella Academy article

Media tie-in comics: Buffy and Heroes

An interview with DC Comics editor Jeanine Schaefer

A third Umbrella Academy piece

A review of Serenity: Better Days issue #1

Strange Little Girl: Emily the Strange

In praise of Hellboy

Umbrella Academy Series 2: Dark Horse’s team returns for ‘Dallas’

Have You Heard The Rumor?: The Umbrella Academy’s Allison Hargreeves

Things That Go Bump in the Gotham Night: an interview with Kevin VanHook

Other media articles:

Twilight: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sparkly Vampires

An interview with Raelle Tucker, co-producer of True Blood

Chatting with Charlie Huston about his vampire noir novels

Talking about the Lestat musical with Anne Rice

Super Interviews is a comprehensive archive of the interviews I’ve done with people involved with the horror/drama television show Supernatural. These include:

  • Cast members
  • Script writers
  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Composers
  • Storyboard artists

Nowhere Elaborated is an information resource about, and cultural analysis of, Rosie Cotton, a character from The Lord of the Rings.