Mary being very professional with Frank of MCR
Mary being very professional with Frank of My Chemical Romance

Fall Out Boy concert review

Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship
(Earlier interview)

Geoff Rickly of Thursday

Little Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence

Music video director Alan Ferguson

Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, about his Umbrella Academy comics (Earlier interview 1) (Earlier interview 2) (Earlier Interview 3)

Mike and Michael of The Academy Is…

Laurent Barnard of Gallows

George and Matt of Strong Arm Studios

I was a teenage poptart is a document archive of ephemera about the pop group Savage Garden.

Case #183(a) is an information resource about the music video for Fall Out Boy’s A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’.

Other media articles:

Twilight: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sparkly Vampires

An interview with Raelle Tucker, co-producer of True Blood

Chatting with Charlie Huston about his vampire noir novels

Talking about the Lestat musical with Anne Rice

Super Interviews is a comprehensive archive of the interviews I’ve done with people involved with the horror/drama television show Supernatural. These include:

  • Cast members
  • Script writers
  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Composers
  • Storyboard artists

Nowhere Elaborated is an information resource about, and cultural analysis of, Rosie Cotton, a character from The Lord of the Rings.