Year In Review 2016

Creative year in review

2016 was a pretty productive year for me creatively. Some of the largest projects I did are either still in-progress or forthcoming, so I can’t talk about them here yet unfortunately. On the other hand, lots of my older work was translated or anthologised this year, so in the end things just about break even.…

Famous Last Words

New layout, new zine contribution!

The zines and fanzines page now includes a tribute fanzine I contributed to, commemorating the tenth anniversary of My Chemical Romance’s album The Black Parade. Plus this site has a new layout, one that’s hopefully less cluttered than the old version.

Please Bang My Wife

Video Games and Appearances updated

There’s a new title listed on the Video Games Page, with the incredible name of Please Bang My Wife. I was the translation editor for the English-language release and I had a lot of fun. Also updated is the Appearances Page, including a link to a radio interview I did last week about Thrive.

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

New stuff!

First of all, I’m currently working as the translation editor on the localisation of the otome title Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome. More information on the video games page. The romance & erotica page is updated with a link to, the website for my genre pen name, which looks very pretty now. There are a few…

A Hustle of Wings

New novella: A Hustle of Wings

The German translation of The Warm Taste has become a #1 bestseller in the gay romance category of, and has spent the last few days comfortably nestled in the overall top 100 at the site. In English, the Julia Leijon pen name has a new title out: A Hustle of Wings. Check it out here!