New Video Game title

The BL Visual Novel ‘Lkyt.’ has been added to the Video Games page. I was the English-language Translation Editor on the project.

Fiction page updated

Due to circumstances beyond my control, some of my titles are no longer with Omnium Gatherum Media. So I’m publishing them myself! The Fiction page has been updated with new Kindle editions of several novels and collections.

Robins site back online

Lost to time a decade and a half ago, my site about some of Batman’s Robins is back online! You can check it out under ‘Comics Journalism’ on the Non-Fiction tab, or by clicking here.

Fall Out Boy video website restored

Case 183(a), a site about the Fall Out Boy video ‘A Little Less Sixteen Candles…’ is once again online. It can be found on the Music Journalism page of the Non-Fiction section.

Convention appearance

I’m a panel guest at Stuck at Home Con, a Homestuck convention running June 11th-12th. The panel I’m on will be talking about the Paradox Space comics, and I’ll be answering questions about the comics I wrote.