Yume Nikki

Fiction, Video Games and Comics pages updated

An anthology which includes a short story by me has been added to the Fiction page, the Video Games page includes updated information on several titles, and the Comics page includes a new light novel translation I proofread.

A Hand in the Darkness

A Hand in the Darkness update release

A new edition of the popular visual novel A Hand in the Darkness has been released, and I was a proofreader on one of the routes. See the Video Games page for info and links!

Women in Games

New media appearance

I’m quoted in the IGN article Women in Video Game Development in 2017: A Snapshot: “Mary Borsellino, a game developer from Melbourne, tells me a story of being discouraged from game creation at age 11.”                            


Hiveswap Act 1 on sale

The first act of the adventure game Hiveswap is now available through Steam and HumbleBundle. Check out of the video games page for links.

Fashion Manga Coloring Book

Fashion Manga Coloring Book

Full of twin tails, sports stars, fashion plates, and all the charm that manga and anime can embody, this coloring book contains 24 stylish illustrations ready for decoration. Find out more on the Comics & Manga page.

Australian Gothic

The Short Fiction page now includes the anthology Australian Gothic, which contains ‘Williamstown Gothic’ by me and collects heaps of stellar work by lots of other local writers.

New etsy listing

New Etsy listings

There are new charms up in the Etsy store — two sizes of delicately lovely bird skull cameos made of resin and set in antiqued brass oval pendants.

The Lost Prince Pirates

New Video Game: the Lost Prince Pirates

The video games page has been updated with the swashbucking romance app The Lost Prince Pirates. It’s about a gutsy heroine and a bunch of roguish pirates desperately trying to save the world from corrupting magic. Swordfights! Risky escapes! Dark secrets! Romance! It’s free to play, full-length, and has eight different endings. Eight! That’s a lot of places…